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9:15 on the timetable screen
Trees are racing through the window of the high-speed train.
Grey dress - color of goodbye
Mango-flavored tea, delicate arms.
We will rent an apartment facing the Moyka River
In an old building without elevator
It will be just like before:
Grey sky - color of hope.
Love me tender, kiss me with passion
Cut the sky open with a razor blade.
Break my heart into hundreds of pieces
Hold me tight. Love me long.
You will put on an old record
With that old song from childhood.
We used to listen to it in complete silence
Painfully familiar.
Painfully forgotten.
Beaten to death.
An unfinished glass fell and broke in pieces.
Hold me tight, love me tender
Break these branches with the wind from the shore
Love me simple, like a loyal bird.
Spill these stars on a black tablecloth.
Love me long without a sound or a word.
Break this heart again and again.
Like the first time. Or maybe last.
Kiss me sweet. Love me true.