A musical journey through space and time inspired by Paolo Coelho's story.

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BREAKING BOUNDARIES both musical and geographical, cellist, composer and multilingual vocalist IAN MAKSIN has created and developed his own unique genre by blending elements of different styles in a new way using his cello as the main unifying force. He sings in more than 20 languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Yiddish, Ladino (language of the Sephardic Jews of Spain), Turkish, Kurdish, Armenian, Arabic, Latvian, Lithuanian, Belarusian, Mongolian, Buryat,  Macedonian. Ian is equally brilliant in every genre in its pure form, from classical to jazz and blues, and from Latin to Balkan and Middle Eastern music. His passionate interpretations and soulful sound have generated a contagious universal and ever-growing appeal to diverse audiences across the world. 

ONE-MAN ORCHESTRA:  Ian Maksin has created his own unique style breaking geographic boundaries and blending many genres and styles using the cello as the main common denominator. In addition to cello, he used an electronic device called the loop pedal, which allows him to create "loops" or layers by recording and replaying his own playing in real time.  As Ian describes it himself, "Building music in such manner is akin to baking a multilayer cake. It allows the cello to be self-sufficient and have all necessary musical elements in real time: rhythm, melody and harmony".  With addition of percussion and sometimes guitar and bass, this creates a whole orchestra experience similar to having several dozen people on stage.   

SINGING IN NEARLY 30 LANGUAGES: What began as a hobby and a passion for linguistics and travel has become part of a unique concert experience. At this time Ian Maksin sings in nearly 30 languages including Russian, English, Farsi, Armenian, French, Italian, Arabic, Hebrew, Mongolian, Bambara (one of the tongues spoken in West Africa) and many other exotic languages. Most of this repertoire was amassed by Maksin during his world travels, jam sessions and collaborations with local musicians.  Many of his original songs and instrumental compositions are also infused with flavors of ethnic music from countries and regions where he drew inspiration from:  Mongolia, West Africa, Middle East, the Balkans, Andalusian flamenco. 

THE GLOBAL MAN:  Ian Maksin was born in Saint Petersburg (Leningrad back then), Russia into a multinational family and grew up absorbing many cultures and traditions from an early age.  He began playing guitar and piano at age 3 and cello at age 6 at the School for Gifted Children in Leningrad and then came to the USA at 16 to continue studies at the Manhattan School of Music in New York City.  After working for many years in the classical genre including a three-year tenure with the New World Symphony in Miami  Ian has decided to look for his own musical path.  His diverse musical experience, including playing rock and blues guitar and passion for jazz and world music has allowed him to take the cello to a new dimension and develop his own distinct style as a musician and composer.  In Ian's own words: "At some point I realized that music is much more than mere entertainment.  Music is one of most powerful and unifying forces in the world, capable of healing, inspiring,  bringing people together and bringing peace among them.  I believe that cello will save the world"

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